IUD and treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding

For the majority of women, menstruation is simply a monthly annoyance. For those suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding, it can put a complete stop to life while it passes. Common options for addressing heavy bleeding include progestin hormone pills and oral contraceptives. However, they don’t work for everyone who experiences heavy bleeding. Recent studies in Europe have shown that a progestin-infused IUD may be an effective therapy option.

How An IUD May Ease Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Women in this study were given the Mirena IUD implantable contraceptive. Throughout the treatment period, they reported a significant reduction in heavy menstrual bleeding. This, in turn, reduced how much effect the condition had on their quality of life. While it has seen significant implementation in Europe, it has been slow to catch on in the US. This is due, in part, to some negative feelings lingering over IUDs from the 1970s.

The Dalkon Shield IUD was in use at that time, and 300,000 women reported that the device had injured them. These women filed lawsuits against the producing company with complaints including, but not limited to, pelvic infection. These lawsuits resulted in a poor reputation for all IUDs that have held on these past 40 years. However, modern IUDs are free from the defects that led to these concerns.

But back to the European study involving the Mirena IUD. 517 women who reported having heavy periods were recruited to participate in the study. The research period covered two years, with four groups of women. Those with the Mirena IUD, those using oral hormone therapy, another using tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid, and two non-hormonal anti-bleeding drugs. The fourth group was a control, using none of the above methods.

Over these two years, those using the Mirena IUD reported that they saw a great improvement in their quality of life. These improvements were seen in everything from their social routines to their family life, exercise, and sex. At the end of the two years, 64% of those using the Mirena IUD were still doing so. Those using other methods only saw retention rates of 38%.

These results indicate that significant benefits can be experienced by women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding by using the Mirena IUD. Including the fact that the treatment method is simple to use, with no risk of forgetting to take a daily pill or losing the device.

Contact Your Fibroid specialist To Learn More

Speaking to your fibroid specialist about heavy menstrual bleeding can help you take steps to find a solution. Some patients who are experiencing this condition may be struggling with uterine fibroids, for which treatment options are available. For those who are not, it’s possible that a Mirena IUD may be the answer they’re looking for. IF you suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding, schedule your consultation today. Your specialist will do a full exam to determine the underlying causes of your heavy bleeding. 

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