How UFE can effect your sex life

Living with uterine fibroids can put a serious crimp on having a healthy, active sex life. Fibroids are a form of growth that is non-cancerous and appear in, or on, your uterus. Almost 70% of women in the US develop fibroids, though a fraction of these experience symptoms related to them. For these women, severe cramps, heavy periods, fatigue, urination, and even pain during sex can seriously impact their libido. Even if the heart is willing, the pain they experience really puts a damper on the mood.

How Uterine Fibroid Embolization Can Help Your Sex Life

If you’re one of those living with uterine fibroids, and they’re impacting your sex life, there is help available. Fibroids are generally harmless. However, they can seriously impact all areas of your life if they’re accompanied by symptoms. Your career, personal relationships, sexual intimacy, and self-esteem can all fall victim to their effects. If you’ve been led to believe that the only option available is a hysterectomy, you’ve been misled. There is another form of treatment known as uterine fibroid embolization that can ease the symptoms and restore your quality of life.

Uterine fibroid embolization is a minimally-invasive procedure that blocks off the flow of blood. This approach causes the fibroid to reduce in size, easing the symptoms. This treatment can, in turn, can lead to a dramatic improvement in the effects it’s having on your sex life. Consider the following:

  • Lighter periods
  • Reduction or elimination of cramping
  • Regular menstrual cycles
  • Reduction or elimination of urinary issues
  • Enhanced energy
  • Reduction or elimination of pain during sex

Nearly 80% of women who were surveyed after receiving UFE reported that their sex life was vastly improved. The areas of improvement include arousal, desire, pain, and satisfaction from sexual activity. Following the treatment, you should wait a week or two prior to returning to sexual activity. However, it’s best to follow up with your fibroid specialist before taking the plunge. 

Uterine fibrous embolization is an effective approach to treating fibroids in many patients. It has the benefit of easing symptoms, restoring normal function, and preserving significant amounts of healthy tissue. These results are in contrast to receiving a full hysterectomy, which removes all uterine tissue. While effective at ending problems with fibroids, it comes with consequences of its own. Even the myomectomy procedure causes a significant impact on healthy uterine tissue as it surgically removes the fibroids.

Not only will you be able to enjoy sex again, but many women who receive UFE report greater success when trying to get pregnant. Over 40% of those involved in a study of post-UFE fertility reported that they were able to get pregnant.

Improve Your Sexual Experience With UFE Today

It’s essential that you openly discuss your concerns regarding the impact of uterine fibroid symptoms on your sex life with your specialist. They’ll be able to guide you in deciding on treatment and help you determine the likelihood of your potential improvements in your sexual experience. Call for a consultation with your specialist today!

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