6 things to look for when choosing a center for UFE

Choosing the right doctor to perform your procedure is essential for receiving the best care. When it comes to Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), you’ll be looking for a qualified fibroid specialist with a solid reputation. However, you may find that you’re not quite sure what it is you should be looking for. We’ve produced the guide found below to help you determine which clinic and provider will provide you with the best care.

X Ways To Know If They’re The Right Fibroid Specialist

Knowing you have the proper information to make this choice can be difficult. Most of us aren’t skilled at looking through medical credentials and determining whether or not a provider is a good fit. Furthermore, online recommendations are questionable at best. Knowing where to find recommendations you can count on, or getting word-of-mouth advice, can be challenging.  

  • Look Into Their Credentials – This includes their experience performing the procedure if it’s one of their specialties and what they require during the diagnostic and planning phase. Perhaps most importantly, you should check for the presence of FSIR after their name. This acronym stands for “Fellowship in the Society of Interventional Radiology” and indicates a professional achievement in the field. Only ~10% of all Interventional Radiologists achieve this in their lifetime.
  • Research The Practice – It’s important to know that the practice, not just the physician, is reputable. Find out how long they’ve been in practice, what kind of radiology procedures they perform, and if they specialize in UFE. What kind of equipment are they using? The best option is a center equipped with an angiographic table, while some resort to a small portable C-arm. What kind of recovery room(s) do they have?
  • Look For Media Coverage – One indicator of someone’s respect in their field is whether they are a mentor to others. Look for papers written by them, as well as YouTube videos, webinars, lectures, and podcasts. Are they involved with task forces, organizations, or non-profits? All of these can indicate their prestige and respect in their field.
  • Keep An Eye Out For Misinformation – Check and see if they use any kind of gimmicks to attract patients to their field. This can include using a clinic name similar to that of other well-respected clinics. They may use this same approach in their online marketing.
  • Be Inquisitive – Many people feel intimidated when speaking to a doctor. Whether this is due to the topic being sensitive or an indication that the “doctor knows best,” many just do what their provider suggests. Be an active patient and ask them about any concerns you have. Further, trust your gut. If you feel like their answers are evasive, or you just don’t like the feel of the clinic, it’s time to go.

If you find that there isn’t enough information to go on, that may indicate a low-quality treatment center. At the very least, it will be quite clear that their practice is untested, meaning you can’t quite be sure what to expect.

Keep Looking Until You Find The Right UFE Center For You

There’s no such thing as too much caution where your health is concerned. Take any amount of time necessary to thoroughly research your prospective providers. Schedule an appointment once you’ve found the one you feel confident about. The final test is always rapport. You want to feel as if you can communicate clearly with them and that you’ll get straight answers delivered with respect.

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